Maintaining a home is not easy. Over a period of time, the exterior walls and sidings tend to lose their initial shine and strength. Algae and mold can stain them, tarnishing the image of your home. Rain gutters and downspouts can become clogged due to debris such as weeds and leaves. This puts your home’s roof, walls, and even its foundation at a lot of risk from overflowing rain water.

At Hydro Pressure Clean, we have the experience and expertise to take proper care of your home. Whether you need help with cleaning your home’s vinyl/aluminum/wood sidings, have concerns about the gutters of your roof, or want to give a new lease of life to bricks or stones in your home, our team of professionals can provide efficient and dependable services that will leave your home looking as good as new.

We Use Quality Detergents and Low-Pressure Washing

What’s the secret to a good home wash? Our team members have had long careers in cleaning and maintenance of residential properties. What our vast experience and the accumulated knowledge have taught us is that it’s not blasting high pressure jets that makes for a good home wash. Scrubbing is a lot of work and while it may yield good results, the effort involved makes it an implausible option.

We believe that it’s the quality of detergent used for the wash that holds the key to a good home-rinse. We wash the homes of our customers with premium-quality detergents so that they look beautiful and tidy.

We employ a different rinsing technique from what other residential-washing companies use. To take extra care of your home and clean it effectively, we use low-pressure and high-volume washing, instead of the conventional high-pressure wash. Our method of low-pressure rinse using mold inhibitors and quality detergents has helped us clean and maintain thousands of homes of our satisfied customers in the Triangle area of North Carolina.

We are a Licensed and Insured Company

We are a licensed company and are insured under a $2 million liability policy. Getting your home cleaned and maintained by a contractor who does not operate with a valid license and is not insured is not a wise idea. Insurance will help you in case there are incidental damages to your home or personal belongings during cleaning operations.

Fully Qualified and Trained Professionals

Our professionals are trained for their various assignments. We assess and appraise the strengths and weaknesses of our professionals so that they meet standards expected of them to take care of your homes.

Our Guarantee

You can sit back and relax as we do our magic. Your home will have a new and fresh look to it by the time we are done. There’s nothing that gives us more joy than watching smiles pinned on the faces of our customers as they appreciate the new look of their home and our work. We are a team of professionals, and do not leave behind any mess from our work. We work at hours convenient to you and always finish our work according to your schedule.

The Difference We Will Make To Your Home

Through our services, you and your home stand to gain a lot:

Improved Appearance from Vinyl/Wood Siding Wash

Sidings have an important role to play in making your home look beautiful. We remove stains caused by algae and mold on sidings to help improve the appearance of your home.

Why Choose Hydro Pressure Clean for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Home?

Hydro Pressure Clean is a renowned cleaning and maintenance company in North Carolina. We have served many homeowners from the areas of Rayleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill (or as they are locally known, the Triangle area) and helped them take care of their homes. If you are from the Triangle area and are looking to get your home washed, you should consider giving us a call. Here’s why:

Specialists in Residential Cleaning and Maintenance

We have the capability to handle all kinds of residential-cleaning projects. So, if you have a multi-storied home or a single-floor one, our team can deftly manage the washing and maintenance work your home needs.

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining fine homes, we have a record that speaks for itself. You can rely on the skills and experience of our team to take special care of your home and valuables like statues.

We Provide the Whole Package and To Your Satisfaction Too!

We offer cleaning and maintenance services that cover:

  • Cleaning and maintenance of your home’s vinyl/aluminum/wood sidings.
  • Brick, stone, and stucco maintenance.
  • Cleaning of wooden decks and patios
  • Maintenance of garage walls and floors
  • Cleaning and maintaining sidewalks and driveways

Our competent team of professionals can provide all these services to help restore your home’s health. We are driven by customer-satisfaction and always do our best to do a great job to save you unnecessary trouble and expenses.

Renewed Strength from Brick and Stone Cleaning

Bricks and stones are the building blocks of your home. Time and weather elements like rain and snow can weaken and discolor bricks and stones. With an application of bio-degradable chemicals in the right proportion, they will be almost mended to their original state.

Your driveway, garage floors, and sidewalks will look shiny and brilliant again

Cleaning of these concrete surfaces can improve the visual appeal of your home. Our low-pressure and high-volume washing technique can take good care of cleaning the concrete surfaces in your home.

If you are looking for a residential cleaning and maintaining service in North Carolina, you needn’t look beyond Hydro Pressure Clean, because nobody does it better than us. Call us today for a quote.